Our Vehicles and Team

Our Vehicles and Team


Our Luxury Vehicles.

Tasmanian Luxury 4WD Tours operates with the Ti Nissan Patrol, a sophisticated and luxurious highly capable 4WD, with industry-leading safety and comfort. 

Enjoy the luxuries of Climate Control for all-year round temperature comfort, 13 speaker Bose sound system, Electric sunroof, Heated and cooled leather front seats, and state of the art Hydraulic Body Motion Control (HBMC)  suspension system for the smoothest of rides, even off the beaten track.

The Ti Nissan has full off road capabilities - although we do not offer full off road tours, we have the advantage of being able to offer Tours into most areas all year round with the utmost safety (with the exception of serious weather events).


Meet Our Team.

Rod and Jo-Anne have travelled extensively throughout Australia, visiting tourist destinations and finding out of the way gems, while meeting lots of characters along the way. Rod has a passion for 4WDriving and has many years’ experience in driver education training, coupled with a real love of the outdoors and a passion for exploring.

Jo-Anne too, has a love of all things outdoors, from the flora and fauna, particularly the Tasmanian Devils, and the beautiful bird life. Together, they are passionate in providing you with the most enjoyable experience, with memories to share and last a lifetime.