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East Coast Wilderness/Blue Lake

$305.00 AUD, inc. GST


  • Legerwood Tree Art
  • Ringarooma Valley and roadside waterfalls
  • Ralph Falls and Norms Lookout
  • St Columba Falls
  • Pub in the Paddock
  • Pyengana Cheese Factory
  • Anchor Stampers
  • Tin Dragon Discovery trail and cemetery
  • Little Blue Lake
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The Experience.      

Departing Launceston we travel East towards Scottsdale, taking a short break at the Sidling to look over the beautiful lush countryside. Our next stop is at Legerwood where we take in the incredible tree art, dedicated to the WW1 Soldiers of the Dorset area which has all been hand carved with chainsaws.

We head towards Ringarooma and Mt Victoria Reserve on our way to Ralph Falls, where you are able to take in the stunning Ringarooma Valley and roadside waterfalls. We travel through a section of road high up along Mt Victoria road, sections of which are of a dry wall construction, hand built in the 1920’s.

We then arrive at Ralph Falls. It’s a short 30 min walk through mysterious Myrtle rainforests, where you will see Fungi of many different varieties, shapes and colours, moss and lichen covered trees, and if you keep an eye out you may see a Wombat or two, it’s almost like entering a different world. The track brings you to Norms Lookout where you  see Ralph Falls in all its glory, etched into the craggy cliffs, the streaming ribbon of Ralph falls plunges 100 metres into a fern filled chasm.

Travelling through the Tasmanian Plantation timber reserves which are grown throughout the St Victoria Reserve,  we cross the Inlet Bridge and on to St Columba Falls. It’s a 30 min return walk to the falls through fern filled gullys – we have sited quolls here in previous visits, so keep your eyes out, but don’t approach them.

Returning to the vehicle we travel towards Pyengana, through beautiful farm land. You will also see the famous Pub in the Paddock, before arriving at the Pyengana Cheese Factory where we stop for a short break to have lunch. Pyengana produces some of the best local cheeses around – free cheese tastings are available, and also an array of local produce for purchase.

A light lunch is included in your Tour package (Tasmanian Gourmet Platter, includes a variety of cheeses, pickles, meats, salmon, nuts fruit, crackers and sourdough, or items from the menu) Coffee, Tea or cold non-alcoholic drink.

After lunch we travel to the Anchor Stampers, which are all that remains of the Anchor Tin Mine. It’s a 30 min return walk, with interpretative boards to give you an overview of the history behind Tin Mining in Eastern Tasmania.

Leaving the Anchor stampers we travel North towards the Little Blue Lake, passing through Moorina along the way, where you will find the Tin Dragon Discovery trail and cemetery. If you would like to stop and walk through the cemetery and take in a small part of the Tin dragon Discovery Trail, please advise your Tour guide and we will be happy to take a detour. There are many interesting stories about the early Tin miners and the 1,000 odd Chinese who came to the state looking for not only gold but other minerals.

Off the Highway and out towards the Mt William National Park, we arrive at the Little Blue Lake, so named because of the extraordinary blue colouring of the water. This phenomenon is due to alluvial tin mining, as the Lake was initially an old mine pit and when the mining was finished it was filled with water. Visitors are advised not to swim in the Lake as it is full of toxic heavy metals from past mining.

We turn homeward now travelling via Derby,  Branxholm and Scottsdale to Launceston.


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